Frameless Glass Shop Fronts Melbourne

Welcome to Clear Brilliance – where we specialise in creating stunning frameless glass shop fronts in Melbourne. Our custom designs not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your commercial space but also offer durability and visibility that is essential for any business.

Why Choose Frameless Glass for Your Shop Front?

Opting for frameless glass for your shop front means choosing a modern, sleek, and inviting look. It’s about making a statement that aligns with your brand’s quality and professionalism.

The transparency and visibility offered by frameless glass to maximise natural light and showcase your products or services to passersby, creating an inviting atmosphere that can attract more customers.

Our Range of Frameless Glass Shop Fronts

Our frameless glass shop fronts are more than just a physical barrier; they are a canvas for your brand’s first impression. We offer a wide range of designs, from minimalist elegance to intricate and bold styles, each tailored to reflect the unique character of your business.


Key Features:

  • Transparency and Visibility: Maximises natural light and product visibility, inviting customers in.
  • Customization: Tailored to fit the unique dimensions and style of your business.
  • Durability: Made with high-quality materials that withstand the test of time.

Design Options:

Our design options are limitless. Whether you’re looking for a classic, timeless look or something more modern and cutting-edge, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.  Our team works closely with you to understand your brand and create a shop front that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. 

Our expertise extends across various industries, from chic retail boutiques to modern office buildings, ensuring each project resonates with its specific sector’s aesthetic and functional needs. Please see below for information on custom projects or email us your question directly at

Custom Frameless Shop Front Glass Doors

Our custom frameless shop front glass doors are the perfect complement to your business facade. We offer a variety of styles, including:

  1. Full-Height Doors: For a grand and imposing entrance.
  2. Sliding Doors: Ideal for space-saving and ease of access.
  3. Swing Doors: Classic and functional, perfect for high-traffic entrances.

Each style is designed with both aesthetics and functionality in mind, ensuring that your entrance is as practical as it is impressive.

Why Choose Clear Brilliance?

Choosing Clear Brilliance means you’re partnering with an industry leader in frameless glass. Our decades of experience are reflected in our exceptional craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and outstanding customer service. 

We recognize that your shop front is a key part of your business identity. That’s why we use only top-quality materials and cutting-edge techniques to make your shop front distinctive and appealing. Our dedication to excellence has established us as the preferred choice for Melbourne businesses. 

Throughout the process, from initial consultation to final installation, we collaborate closely with you. Our goal is to realise your vision with custom solutions that are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing, ensuring a shop front that’s both stunning and enduring.

Get Started with Clear Brilliance Today!

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Unlock the aesthetics of your business with Clear Brilliance:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of frameless glass shop fronts?

Frameless glass shop fronts offer unparalleled visibility, showcasing your products or services with a modern, sleek look. They allow for extensive customisation to match your brand’s aesthetic, creating an inviting and professional storefront that stands out.

How do I maintain my glass shop front?

What safety features are included in your glass shop fronts?

Can frameless glass shop fronts be energy efficient?

How long does installation take?

Frameless glass shop fronts offer unparalleled visibility, showcasing your products or services with a modern, sleek look. They allow for extensive customisation to match your brand’s aesthetic, creating an inviting and professional storefront that stands out.

Maintaining your glass shop front is straightforward with regular cleaning using non-abrasive products. Clear Brilliance is also an approved installer of Enduroshield, which is a finish that assists in keeping glass clean. Ask us how for your next project.

Our glass shop fronts are built with safety in mind, using toughened, durable glass that meets stringent safety standards. We ensure robust construction to withstand daily wear and tear, providing a secure and long-lasting frontage for your business.

Yes, our frameless glass shop fronts can be energy efficient. We offer options like double glazing and specialised coatings that help regulate indoor temperatures, reducing energy costs while keeping your space comfortable year-round.

The installation timeline varies based on the project’s complexity and size. Typically, it takes a few weeks from the initial consultation to the final installation. We ensure a smooth process, keeping you informed at every step to minimise disruption to your business.

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